Every Day Green Living

A lot of people are looking to do more to save the environment but they don’t know where to begin. They think “living green” requires a major lifestyle change and all sorts of sacrifices. But trust me it doesn’t have to be like that. Green living is more about making small changes to your everyday routine. If every one of us makes even the smallest of changes it can all add up and have a huge impact!

So let’s think about some simple green living tips we can use in our everyday lives.

Take your car for example. It consumes lots of fuel and pollutes our air in the process. If you can cut back on the amount of driving you do you’ll not only help our environment, you’ll save money and extend the life of your car too. Try walking or riding a bike instead of taking the car. Working from home or carpooling a few days a week will also have a major impact.

What about around the house? Heating your home (whether by oil, electricity, or natural gas) is probably your largest energy expenditure so you should look for ways to cut back wherever you can. Install a programmable thermostat to maximize energy usage. Insulate around doors and windows to keep the cold air out and the heat in.

Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators to use less water. Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth. Don’t just pour water down the drain after boiling vegetables. Let it cool off and then use it to water your garden. You’ll be getting two uses out of the water instead of one, plus it will be enriched with nutrients from the vegetables.

You can slash your electricity bill and save energy by switching from old incandescent style bulbs to the more efficient fluorescent bulbs. They give off the same amount of light while using just a fraction of the energy.

And make sure you unplug any unused appliances and electronics. Cell phone chargers are one of the biggest causes of energy leak. If you’re not actually charging your phone, unplug it!